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We work closely with government departments, local associations, trade centers and top industry enterprises to filter out the best industry companies. Our enormous network enables us to source out the most reliable suppliers in the shortest time.

Some of the furniture manufacturing bases we work with


Anji (chair)

Anji is Hometown of Chair Industry in China. It is said that every two chairs exported by China, one must be from Anji. It’s not only the largest chair manufacturing base in China, also top one in the world. Anji chairs are exported to the whole world, annually more than $1.3 billion.

Linhai (outdoor furniture)

Linhai has become the most influential outdoor product center of China. The annual production of Linhai reaches RMB 17bn, 90% of which are exported to overseas market. There are over 1000 companies making outdoor products, among them Yotrio, Zhengte, Linya are top brands.


Hangzhou (office furniture)

Hangzhou is the first Office Furniture Manufacturing Center in China. With more than 1300 office furniture makers, Hangzhou export more than USD 1.5 bn products every year. Top brands from Hangzhou include Sunon, Rongye, Jinlu.

Nankang (wood furniture)

Main products of Nankang include wood furniture, rattan furniture, glass furniture. With more than 20 years’ development, the city has about 6,000 furniture companies. There’re 8 large scale furniture market in Nankang selling all kinds of furniture.


Some of the top brands we work with


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