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We work closely with government departments, local associations, trade centers and top industry enterprises to filter out the best industry companies. Our enormous network enables us to source out the most reliable suppliers in the shortest time./p>

Some of the home electronics manufacturing bases we work with


Cixi (small appliances)

Cixi is a major home appliance manufacturing center in Zhejiang. Small appliances like iron, hairdryer, electric kettle, water dispenser, heater are traditional products of Cixi, but creative products have been the new trend for the town. Annual export amount exceed USD 2 bn.

Shenzhen ( consumer electronics)

Shenzhen is the leading consumer electronics base in China. Huaqianag Street is call Number 1 Street of China electronics industry. Leading Chinese brands like Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn are all based here in Shenzhen.


Guanhaiwei ( socket)

Though a small town in Zhejiang, Guanhaiwei is the largest socket center in China. The big brand Bull is right from Guanhaiwei. The town now has more than 300 companies making sockets ,which is about 1/3 of national production capacity.

Zhouxiangzhen (iron)

China is world’s largest iron manufacturing center, and Zhouxiangzhen is China’s largest iron center. About 1/4 of world’s iron are made by local company Cuori alone. Other brands like Kaibo, Aicare are also well reputed in global market.


Some of the top brands we work with


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