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Household & gifts Suppliers

We work closely with government departments, local associations, trade centers and top industry enterprises to filter out the best industry companies. Our enormous network enables us to source out the most reliable suppliers in the shortest time.

Some of the household & gifts manufacturing bases we work with


Yiwu(small commodity)

Yiwu small commodity market enjoys worldwide reputation for providing almost everything at very good price. Yiwu is not only the largest market in China, but also the largest in the world. The wholesale market annual trade value is around RMB 88 bn, export value exceeds USD 16 bn.

Jingdezhen (ceramics)

Jingdezhen is known as Capital of Ceramics. With a long history of making ceramics, the production value of the town exceeds RMB 29 bn now. Besides usual household ceramics, creative & artistic ceramic products have become new focus of the town.


Ningbo (stationery)

Ningbo is one of the largest stationery manufacturing center in China. 90% of the products are exported to overseas market. The annual pen sales volume of local brand Beifa, ranks first in China, third in the world.

Yangzhou (plush toy)

Yangzhou has more than 1000 toy makers, with over 100,000 employees working in this sector. The toys on Athena Olympic, Beijing Olympic, Shanghai World Expo are all from Yangzhou.


Some of the top brands we work with


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