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Textile & Garments

We work closely with government departments, local associations, trade centers and top industry enterprises — to filter out the best industry companies. Our enormous network enables us to source out the most reliable suppliers in the shortest time.

Few manufacturing bases we work with Textile & Garment


Shaoxing Keqiao(fabric)

Keqiao owns the largest textile city in Asia. Located in Zhejiang Province,Keqiaotakes 1/3 of the overall sales of textile products in China. Annual textile export value exceeds USD 10 bn.

Haining (leather)

Known as Capital of Leather, the total output, trade volume & export value of Haining leather products all rank first in China. The leather city in Haining is the largest of its kind, and is now considered a most important trade center for all kinds of leather products.


Nantong (home textile)

Nantong is the largest home textile manufacturing center in China. Famous Chinese home textile brands like Luolai, Beyond, Fuanna, Mercury are all from Nantong.

Hangzhou (silk)

With a long history of silk export, Hangzhou is regarded as Home of Silk. Zhejiang is the largest silk production and export center in China, while Hangzhou is the largest in Zhejiang. Main brands like Wensli, HSDP, TiantangGushi are all from Hangzhou.


Some of the top brands we work with


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